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Leaving Oz...

So I finally made it back to the states by some miracle. As I write this, it is 9:40 AM, EST. For those of you who know me, you realize that this is significantly earlier that my usual wake-up time. In fact, I've been up since 8AM. It is obviously going to take a while to recover from some serioussss jet lag. Here's the only photo I have from the last night at Bond, and it looks a bit like an ad for Toohey's:
Here's another from the night before:
Other than the time difference, there have been other adjustments. I very much enjoy being able to afford things again. New England is gorgeous- the tulips and daffodils have sprung up in all their glory. No more cafeteria food! The weather has helped ease my transition, too. On the other hand, I think about Australia a lot, too! I miss the Blocks and the Bungalows and the birds and beaches and bats and trees and big skies!
This will be my last entry, so thanks to everyone who's been reading my blog! It certainly made the task far less cumbersome. XOXO!

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Andy Warhol

Exhibit at Brisbane MoMA


Still feeling like we hadn't experienced enough of Brisbane (being only a one-hour train ride away), Coree and I headed back into the city to see the Andy Warhol exhibit in its last days and the Museum of Modern Art in Brisbane. We met up with our friend Colin, who I'd met on the BrisVegas trip. He showed us some of the town and brought us to the museum. I don't have any photographs of the artwork because of regulations. It was pretty extensive, with a good mixture of famous and less well-known pieces, and even some of his films. I could have spent all day in there-- absolutely fascinating. Here are some random shots from outside the exhibit.
This one is from the cute cafe where I ate wayyyy too much afterward...
Colin brought us back to the train, but it wasn't coming for a while, so Coree and I got cocktails and McDonald's for our last hour in Brisbane.

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