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Here are some random photos that have turned up on Facebook or elsewhere that haven't been shared yet. This is a silly one of Matt G, Me, Matt W and Christine at Varsity Tavern one night. Matt G is apparently possessed. Matt W is apparently Elvis.
This is a picture from the same night with Oskar, who I had just met. I ended up buying Christine's Whitsundays ticket and Oskar bought Matt W's. We lucked out! (I'll be posting that trip sometime this week, I hope... just waiting on a few more pictures.)
This is me with Edward. We are friends because we both enjoy torturing Elliott.
This is from last weekend, when a hippie van decided to randomly park in our courtyard.
This is from the same day... me, trying to take a picture of myself with the Twelve Apostles picture I had blown up.
This is also from the same day. I wanted to paint.
This is also from that day... I took a picture of my pictures, or "wall of love," as I have named it.
That's all for now! I'll have the Moreton Island entry up later this week, I promise!

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A Night in Brisbane (finally!)

Back at the end of March, the school organized a trip to Brisbane for a night-- $30 got us covered for The Family, the club we were going to, as well as transportation and a night in a nearby hostel. It was great because after nearly three months living about an hour outside Brisbane, I finally got to see it! Here's Tyler, Me, and the Matts in the bus on the way down. I think we were supposed to make funny faces. I must have missed the memo.
They dropped us off at the hostel first. The lights were all off for some city-wide energy conservation effort, which was cool, but made checking in a bit more exciting. Here's their crazy Barbie light fixture...
After we dropped off our stuff, we were told to go to the hostel bar until it was time to go to The Family. I liked the lighting fixtures there too...
The bar...
Next, we went to The Family, which was pretty unlike anything I've ever experienced. There were three levels, and it was packed with people and interesting decor. I was pretty enthralled by this light on the wall that would randomly shift with the music. You can see the colors changing...
They also had some cool projected images behind the bar...
Here's one of the places near the bar where you could sit... I don't know these people and I didn't actually sit there, but I'm trying to give the impression of what this place was like...
This crazy robot that was in the middle of the stairwell...
After checking out the different areas, the girls and I went to dance in the smaller, upstairs section. The downstairs was wall-to-wall of people and a little too much for us to handle. Tyler is making a silly face...
I ended up sticking to the really fancy water at The Family. Here I am making a ridiculous face with my water.
Periodically, these cheerleaders would come dance in our room. They had a bunch of different people dance with us at different intervals.
Tyler ended up getting into the V.I.P. area of the ice bar (the drinks are served on an iced surface). We checked it out for a little bit... This is the ice bar.
Outside, near the club and hostel...
The next morning, outside our hostel...
I guess Matt never made it to The Family and ended up babysitting Naomi, who had too much to drink that night. According to his story, he had to use the bathroom, but the lines for the bars were so long and he didn't want to leave Naomi in the street, so he peed behind a bush. Here we are looking over his public urination ticket that he received from some unsympathetic Australian cops.
It was a fun and completely random night!

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