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So, last Monday I finally submitted my photo portfolio (and took the final, which was absurdly difficult), thus completing the class. I just finished my final philosophy paper, so I only have two more finals to go before I am done with undergrad forever! What?
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post my portfolio pictures. This is going to be a short entry, but more to come soon when I get a few free moments. I'm posting the photos in the order and format in which they appeared in my portfolio. Please note that at this size, they pretty much universally look like garbage.
So, many of you may recognize this one, as it was blown up on my wall in Boston and I think was my buddy icon for a while... and yeah, it's probably cheating to use photos taken before the class, but it's the photograph that inspired me to actually take a class in photo.... and my TA said "there's no way to know this wasn't taken in Australia." So there. ...and yes, there is some serious Photoshop action happening here. It was taken with one of my many Sony CyberShots which have been replaced over time.
Poor Matt never knew he was going to be forced into male modeling at such a young age. Actually, he was the only person with a "square face" (my teacher says they're best to photograph) who would actually sit still long enough to let me photograph him, so yeah. Thanks, Matt. This was for one of my assignments, "photograph a person in a room using only natural light from a window and include the window in the photograph." Very specific. Taken with the lovely Minolta X-700 (1/500 sec. at f5.6 w/ 80mm lens setting, no flash)
You might recognize this one from the Cairns trip... it ended up in the portfolio because all my good photographs are close-ups and I would probably fail if I had a portfolio of all close-ups. Also, I love trees.
You might recognize this one from Sydney... Again, I needed a bit of variety in the portfolio and didn't have any other landscape/perspective-type things. At least I got one cool shot out of Sydney with the digi, even if I'm too stupid to put film in the Minolta...
I picked this one because it's just really weird. I love weird things. People actually call me when weird things happen and are like, "Something really weird just happened and I thought of you..." Anyway, this one's been permanently dubbed, "The Feet." It was also from one of my assignments, "Photograph an action, frozen by the use of electronic flash." Poor Matt... now a foot model. (Minolta X-700, 1/60 sec. at f8 with 80mm lens setting, flash)
This one I took on St. Patrick's day in the Block's courtyard. I was experimenting with the macro lens and the supplementary close-up lenses to get some super-limited focus. My TA cropped it, and I'm not terribly fond of the placement of the bud, but she enhanced the colors and the sharpness of the bud, so I left it. I may revisit this one at some point... Also, the colors do not translate at all to this poopy blog. (Minolta X-700, not so sure about the settings or supplementary lenses because it wasn't taken for an assignment, no flash)
I put this one in because it's just so silly, I couldn't help it. You might recognize this one from my last trip to Nimbin. I couldn't resist and my TA was ridiculously encouraging that I include it for some strange reason... Digital.
From that random day after Coolangatta. Added a bit of edge blur. Digital.
Matt again. haha. From the news photography assignment, "take a humorous news photograph." My caption had something to do with President Bush instituting a new training program with water pistols and Supersoakers. My TA cropped and lightened it for me to get the desired effect. (Minolta X-700, 1/60 sec. at f16 with 80mm lens setting, no flash)
Another poor translation to blogging website :( Also another I took before coming to Bond- it's a completely random snap of some lily's they had at Brown Sugar Cafe, my favorite restaurant in Boston. Delicious Thai. Yummmm.
Digital photo of Ryan from the Coolangatta trip-- for the assignment, "take a picture of a person that speaks about their occupation, hobby, or character." My TA thought it would be better in B&W (she's right- the skin came out too reddish in the original), but I was sad that the pretty sky would be lost, so she helped me keep just the sky in color. We also cropped it for composition-- she says "cutting heads is fun"-- and removed a distracting cloud that looked too much like a smudge. I love PhotoShop.
This is the photograph I am most proud of this semester. The assignment was "Take a photograph of fabric in such a way as to emphasize it's texture," which I thought was pretty cool, and something I could relate to as I have a serious addiction to clothing. This is the bottom of my dress (this cutout embroidery throwback to the 70's thing is big in Australia), draped over my bedside light. I used a tripod and set up the shot for probably about an hour. (Minolta X-700, 1/30 sec. at f5.6 with 80mm lens setting, no flash)
I've also included some of my favorites from the semester that didn't quite make the cut for the portfolio (They make my close-up addiction pretty obvious!). These were all shot with the Minolta.
These two were also taken in the courtyard on St. Patty's with the macro and close-up supplementaries. I thought this was a very brave weed/flower.
These cushy things are pretty cool- they are what the bud from my portfolio grows up to be! I will miss them.
These two I took in my room of my jewelery the same day with the macro lens. I think the focus was just a tad too narrow- I was really just playing with the lens after I finally figured out what it does.
I left these two out because there were too many pictures of Matt and the others were more interesting. They were taken for the assignment, "Take a photograph of a person in a room in daylight without flash."
This is another of my personal favorites. I really wanted to include it because it's super experimental and cool, but my TA said it wasn't really appropriate for a portfolio, and I guess I agree... My mom said, "most of the best pictures are mistakes." This wasn't exactly a mistake, but it's the same principle. One of the cool things about shooting with film is that you can zoom while taking the photograph, which is what gives this one that strange blur. It was taken for the assignment, "Creatively photograph a window or windows using an unusual angle or treatment." (1/30 sec. at f22 with 80-35mm lens setting, no flash)
Another from the dress-over-lamp series. It could probably use some cropping off the top...
Frank! I was pretty dedicated to getting at least one good shot of Frank before I left. One day I went outside and the light was actually illuminating the web, which I had been kinda waiting for. I ran back inside and took a couple of quick shots. This was my fav. F1030002.jpg
That's all for now... I'll be posting them on Facebook if you care enough to see them in a bit more flattering quality.

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So, about a week and a half ago, Coree, Elliott, and I flew to Melbourne to check it out... we stayed with Elliott's friend from High School, Marc, and his family. It was so nice to be in a house with a yard and a family and a dog! Here's me with Charlie (the puppy), and Coree and Marc on the deck:
The first night we went to this amazing hip-hop bar that had really cool graffiti art and a half indoors/half outdoors deck (the roof was open). It was really indie and cool, and I don't listen to a ton of hip-hop, but it was all really cool music. Here's some of the artwork-
And the cool wallpaper
Coree took this one- you can see one of the buildings in Melbourne out of the roof of the bar.
Here's Coree and I at our table on the deck
Me carrying Elliott home after the bar (just kidding!)
The next day, we went shopping in Fitzroy, which was so cool- all small business types of shops in really old, cool buildings. Okay, maybe Coree and I shopped and Marc and Elliott tried not to kill themselves before ducking into a series of local bars.
We took a picture of the fondue place because it was just so beautiful...
We went into this crazy raver-type store. Apparently these are like chaps, not highwaters, but I thought they suited me.
After a while, the boys literally pulled us away from shopping to meet them at this really classy bar. Coree got a really spicy bloody mary and I got a really salty margarita (perhaps to make up for the absolutely horrible one I had at the campus bar...) I also had the most delicious beer ever- it was from a local microbrewery, the first microbrew I've had in Australia.
On the way home, I snapped this shot of this totally precious man that was selling the most completely random assortment of things outside his home.
That night we went back into Melbourne for dinner at this dumpling place Marc and his friends were raving about. On the way, we saw this totally awesome robot street performer guy. If you have Facebook, I'll be posting a video of him. He's great.
I honestly hated the dumpling place and felt quite sick for a few hours, but afterward we went to another really cool bar that was right next door. It was basically and old lot that had a bar and a bathroom and a dj (who played really cool remixes of 60's and 70's music), but other than that it was just a concrete space with a fence. The bathroom had these bizarre juxtapositions of vintage cartoons and ironic essays about communism and the modern representation of the penis. Totally weird. We had a few drinks, but it was reeeeally crowded so we left to meet up with some more of Marc's friends. We walked by this comedy house that looked really cool- i liked the lights...
Right behind it was the bar where we ended up. It was a bit more subdued with outdoor seating and this very Mondrian decor.
Here's Elliott, Marc, and I in the outdoor section.
When we got home, Marc's mom, who had work the next day on Easter, had left us the sweetest little Easter goodies! Who could ask for anything more than a chocolate Koala???
The puppy, with his beloved panda toy.
The next day, we headed off for the Great Ocean Road, on our way to see the 12 Apostles. Here's Marc, the pilot, and Elliott the copilot making our start.
We stopped at this gorgeous beach on the way- there were some amazing surfers!
Coree took a bunch of pictures from the car window- she is much better at this than I am!
We passed a really cool-looking open air market and decided to stop for a look. This is one of the pretty booths that had crystals and other pretty treasures.
These are some cool trees near where we parked when we stopped again for lunch. They look like they've been bleached by the sun.
I tried to take some pictures out the window after lunch...
Shortly thereafter it started to absolutely pour. We tried to endure it for a while, but these roads are even worse than the Nimbin roads (we're talking hairpin turns, one after another). After we hydroplaned I started praying for my life. Eventually we stopped.
An ambulance flies by...
Elliott and Marc trying to figure out where we are...
We weren't really sure what to do- we were pretty close to the 12 Apostles, but the map was so bad, we couldn't really tell where we were or how far we'd come. It was hailing. In Australia. After the rain let up a bit, we kept going. Eventually, we came to a sign that said "The 12 Apostles," so we stopped, but it was basically a monsoon, so we wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway. We ducked into a pub/accommodation place for dinner and decided to try to stay the night if we could. We were surprised to see a group of fellow Northeastern girls (who also go to Bond) inside! We ended up getting a room and a pizza and some drinks and playing Presidents (because Elliott is too stubborn to learn our game...). Here's one of my "tricks," a 666, which pretty much summed up our trip...
The place ended up being really nice. At this point, Murphy's law would have put us in a one bedroom with a single bed, but we lucked out. Here's me reading the Easter story to Coree (who's Jewish) from Gideon's Bible with our lovely boxed wine in our fancy pants living room.
Coree took some pictures of our humble abode...
We ended up playing more Presidents and some Kings, and watched women's swimming and some Bruce Willis movie on our fancy little TV.
The next day we woke up and realized that we were actually nowhere near the 12 Apostles. I took this random picture outside the little convenience store.
Finally, after more driving, we made it to the 12 Apostles.
You can see that the weather started to pick up, too. After a while back on the road, we stopped for lunch in a cute little beach town. It wasn't an ordinary beach...
That night, after returning safely, we decided to go to this cafe in Melbourne to meet some of Marc and Elliott's friends from Indonesia. It was the cutest cafe ever- they sold every kind of coffee imaginable, fine wines and liquors, gelato, candies, and every kind of cake, cookie, and pastry imaginable. We sat outside...
...until the rain found us once again and we were forced inside. A few of the others left and the rest of us went to a bar to have a beer and ended up going home early and playing more Presidents (we were pretty much experts/addicts at this point). The next day we went back into Melbourne to see some sights before we had to leave. Coree got a nice shot of the city on our way in...
Here's Coree and I outside Melbourne Uni, pretending to be students (we get a bit resentful at times because we miss city life...)
The fancy pants Louis Vuitton across the street:
The library is sinking!
Coree and I being silly...
The trolley...
This hole-in-the-wall turned indie mecca on our way to Marc's friend's bar:
The train station:
These guys played some really cool jazz standards on the walkway...
Continuing along...
The view from the other side...
We got to the bar and got some delicious beer, and a suggestion for Thai food for lunch. I was pretty much relentlessly begging the group to go after I heard Thai was an option, as I've been dying to have some since arriving in Australia. Here's a picture of the inside:
It was really cool contemporary Thai cuisine in a VERY contemporary atmosphere. SO hard to pick something off the menu, but I think I won! I got a ginger stir fry dish that was sooo spicy and soooo tasty. They also had about 400 types of beer... I got a Singha, which I always get at Thai restaurants. Here we are trying to make up our minds!
After that, we had a couple of hours left, so we decided to go to, um, what's the name? Heaven maybe?
Apparently heaven is also known as "RetroStar." I bought a crocheted short-sleeved sweater and a cute pink camisole. We had to hurry because we had to make the plane! I wish we'd had time to check out some other stores, because it was a really cool area! When we got to the airport, we saw a double rainbow! You can't really see the second one in the picture, but it was so pretty!
Coree and I decided to rent a car and drive home instead of taking the plane...
Just kidding! lol. Anyway, it was definitely one of the best trips! I'll be posting soon with pictures from my portfolio that I submitted on Monday.

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