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A few weeks ago, Matt, Ron and I headed to Nimbin and Byron Bay for a day trip. We rented a car, and being the only driver over 21, I drove. It was SO STRANGE driving on the other side of the road. I only messed up once, and Matt was paying attention enough to be like "AHHHH," so that was good. I also had a horrible tendency to get distracted by the beautiful countryside of New South Wales and sort of drift toward it.... Anyway, we made it to Nimbin alive, and without getting lost, which was pretty impressive. We got lunch and wandered. Here's a hilarious photo from one of the stores:
They sound like good business hours to me!
Here are some more shots at the museum:
Can you tell I love this museum? Afterward we wandered a bit, and shockingly Matt and Ron let me go into a few of the hippie stores to check out the cool jewelery and clothing. Afterward we just walked around for a little while before getting back in the car to go to Byron. This dog was hanging out outside the hemp embassy, and I thought he was utterly hilarious. I actually put this photo in my portfolio because it's just so ridiculous and awesome.
The laws of Nimbin:
After we got sick of Nimbin (you can really only take so much or you feel like you're losing touch with reality...), we headed off for Bryon. We ran into Matteo, Ryan, Brett and Keebler in the parking lot randomly on the way out! Coming into Byron from Nimbin is SO beautiful. It reminds me of the Postal Service lyrics, "I watch the patchwork farm's slow fade into the ocean's arms," which was my Facebook status for about the week after the trip because I'm cool like that. We immediately got to the beach, about in time for what my photo teacher calls "magic hour." As the sun was setting, some dijiridoo and drum players starting jamming on a rock jetty. Here's a photo of them:
and a little boy rocking to their melodies... with no pants.
Magic hour:
Ron and Matt, enjoying their reading on the beach...
After that, we wandered the streets of Byron. I bought another set of peacock earrings (I lost one at the Sydney Mardi Gras). I took a picture of the lighting store next door because it's so pretty!
On our journey to find dinner, we were much dismayed by the following:
We got dinner at a crappy kebab place-- there is an abundance of these in Byron Bay, and headed back home. We had to wake up early the next day to return the car- we decided if we get another chance to go to Byron before we leave, we'll spend the night! I'll be updating this soon with the Melbourne trip- sorry I'm so behind!

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Some Recent Randoms...

So I have a few random pictures I wanted to post that aren't really associated with any particular trip or event, but worthwhile anyway. Here are some pictures of some of my favorite people here at Bond...
This is me with Lari, one of my favorite Australian girls. She has been my assimilation coach and a great friend. This is outside the Bungalows, where she and some of my other friends live. It's quite close to where I live in the blocks, but is a very small accommodation, so it feels a bit more removed, which is nice.
Here's me with Matt and Elliott at Varsity Tavern a while back. They are my favorite goofballs.
This is me with Coree, who also goes to Northeastern. We met here, and have taken a bunch of really fun trips together to Sydney and Melbourne. This is us in one of the common rooms in our building (A Block).
This one is of Elliott, Matt, and I with Bridget, another one of my favorite Aussie ladies. She is definitely Matt and Elliott's favorite- it's easy to see why- she's so pretty and very friendly! This is us at CBD a while back.
The next three are of this beautiful double rainbow we had a few weeks back. The first one is the view from my window. The multi-colored building is a daycare facility, so I get to wake up to adorable toddlers playing every morning. Just out of the frame to the right I have a view of the lake and a short walk to Market Square, where CBD, and a bunch of small stores are located. The second and third are of the health sciences building, which is directly across the street from my building. Most of my classes are in the building right behind the health sciences building, so I walk through this little path most days.
This is a completely ridiculous picture of me at the campus bar, Don's Tavern, on Mexican night. You can see I didn't have much to work with in my "Mexican" ensemble. The night was not very Mexican- super sweet/sour margaritas with too much mix in a paper cup. We had to beg for salt. The music was not at all Mexican, although there was a live band that did a pretty good cover of Rage's "Killing in the Name." I do not like Don's Tavern. Can you tell?
The next three pictures are of A Block, the courtyard, and the sky above it on one day a few weeks ago. A Block and B Block enclose the courtyard, and it's a nice place for get-togethers and barbecues on nice days.
I will miss the big skies here! The next two are a couple of randoms from St. Patrick's day, which was a total bust. I should have known nothing could compare to Boston. We played a bunch of Irish music in the courtyard and eventually went to the bar, where it was $15 for an Irish Carbomb. No thanks. I paid $8 for a Guinness and left disappointed.
This next picture is just a random from one of my photo assignments: take a sports picture for a newspaper. I lucked out and there was a volleyball competition going on.
More soon on my last trip to Byron and Nimbin a few weeks ago...

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